Digital Marketing: Has Digital Marketing Become Obsolete?

With the evolutionary change in the digital marketing space, marketeers have stepped into a whole-new era of experience marketing. The concept is that consumers are expecting marketeers to serve content form that is both, engaging and relevant. If the holy grail of experience marketing has the ability to deliver personalized content, and relevant marketing at every touchpoint, then what’s next? How can experience marketing can work well for marketeers? And how can they own a customer’s experience?

Digital Marketing

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The two key drivers that play a significant role in the digital marketing are deepening long-term customer’s relationships and increasing coverage across multimedia channels. Many reputed companies have highly invested in the various marketing technologies that allow them to set the bar for relevance in their industries. Regardless of the fact that relevance at every touchpoint is a key to delivering an excellent customer experience (CX), yet this is not sufficient.

Experience marketing, is about owning every interaction that a prospect has with a brand in both the criteria, including digital and physical world and creating a continual, relevant CX that wins prospects for a lifetime. This concept is more appealing to marketing that connects prospects and their businesses on a more intimate level.

The approach looks beyond a point-to-point relevance to decide what a customer is expecting and how marketeers can meet those expectations within a specified timeframe. The approach sounds futuristic and far reaching for emarketeers to match with today’s digital marketing strategy.

Customers are demanding this level of engagements with their brands as a result; it has raised the standards in the digital marketing strategy. When you are aware of customer’s base, you have a proper understanding to create more relevant engagements that customers actually value.

The aggregation of such engagements will yield longer and more robust customer relationships resulting into greater increments in your overall business value.

There is an additional advantage for those marketeers who have resources to execute more personalized marketing campaigns. If the targeting campaign is not perfect and flawed it will put many brands at risk.

Moreover, fragmented strategies and non-integrated platforms will be left behind as the marketeers shift towards providing tailored customer experiences. Ultimately, now it’s possible for marketeers to hold a real-time view of the customers, despite device and channel proliferations.

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