Four CAN-SPAM Mistakes to avoid in Email Marketing

CAN-SPAM Mistakes to avoid in Email Marketing
CAN-SPAM Mistakes to avoid in Email Marketing

The CAN-SPAM Act was enacted in the year 2003 for regulating all commercial emails. The law states that commercial email message is an electronic message which has the sole intention of commercially advertising a service or product. Below is the list of few CAN-SPAM‘s major requirements that one should follow in their email marketing campaigns:

  1. You must provide a good and easy way for recipients to unsubscribe

It’s an illegal act, if you don’t allow any of your prospects to get unsubscribe. This is one of the common mistakes that marketeers make by sending emails from their personal mail account where they don’t attach any unsubscribe link. To avoid such mistakes, you should make use of free email service providers such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. If your prospects are finding it a bit hard in unsubscribing you, make it easy by providing them a better way.

  • Provide them with an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the mail body or the other way.
  • Send you an email carrying a subject line as “Unsubscribe me”.
  1. You must eliminate those unsubscribed people from the email list

Once recipients have opted for unsubscribe link, remove them from your email lists.

Unlike others, most of the free email service providers have a better way to automate the task of unsubscribing. After removing unsubcribers from your lists, ensure that you don’t deliver any mails to them anymore.

  1. You must make it clear who the email is coming from

Before delivering emails to the recipients, you must be clear that who the email is coming from. You should convey your messages in an email body or in the contact information form or reply-to lines mentioned at the bottom of the mail sent. This information helps you to accurately identify prospects and sending mails to the relevant ones.

  1. Your subject lines should reflect the essence of your mail sent

Draft catchy and subjective headlines to grab your recipients’ attention and to have them a brief idea for which purpose they have received your mails. Your subject lines must emphasize the essence of your mail sent. For an instance, “FrescoData has rescheduled the meet by next weekend”.

With this subject, their curiosity increases to know more that will compel them to click, open and read your email sent to them. Also next time, make sure you don’t deceive them with misguiding subject lines and contents mailed.

There are other CAN-SPAN requirements that you should be aware of. For an example, if you are marketing for a particular services or products. It’s necessary to convey the right message that it has been sent for an advertising purpose. There are many excellent ways at present to identify an email as an advertisement one.

You must not forget to include your valid physical email address containing company’s street address, private mailbox or current company’s headquarter address along with a website link. If you are outsourcing marketing firm, your responsibility is to supervise their task thoroughly. If there is any mishap, both businesses will be held responsible for carrying out bad activities.

One of the best ways to defeat such issues, you must make a deep research over the CAN-SPAM violation rules and implement them in their email marketing programs.

Disclaimer: This blog post is briefed for our audience which will help them to understand some of the legal laws and issues of email marketing. The information outlined is only to make them aware about the laws regulation and prohibiting them from violation of rules. If you are in need of any professional guidance then our recommendation for you is to consult a legal counselor.

Read more on Fresco Data’s Guidelines for Strategic Consulting in Email Marketing Campaigns.
Fresco Data’s email marketing services fully comply with the CAN-SPAM Act which prohibits the use of misleading or deceptive email headers in all of our email marketing campaigns.

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