Do Doctors & Healthcare Professionals need Email Newsletters?

Doctors and healthcare professionals are notoriously hard to reach. On an average, each doctor has a couple thousand patients under their care and control millions of spending in the healthcare sector. To reach out to them, one has to rigorously follow-up with their receptionists, who generally let you get hold of them that easily. For marketers, this is one sector where even the most effective lead generation principles that work best for consumer and businesses, fail. Doctors and healthcare professionals are one of the most expensive groups to reach and pose a set of unique challenges.

Healthcare Professional Email Newsletters

Below are several ways in which you can reach out to doctors and healthcare professionals using email newsletters.

Doctor EMAIL Newsletter


The first and foremost step to a successful email marketing campaign is letting your message offer a compelling value proposition. Create strong offers, such as exclusive discounts on a seminar, white paper, newsletter subscriptions, etc. Doctors tend through a hundred patients per day, and are only going to pay attention to you unless you come down with a compelling offer.

A lot of businesses sell medical software and services. If you’re in one of these paperless businesses, it’s even easier to offer a value proposition. Don’t try to build a big crescendo. Simply start off your email with a message claiming your software delivers a unique benefit, and prove your claim. Your message could carry a specific message with specific solutions to certain problems. That point it, offering a unique value proposition should be your marketing 101.

This will help you capture your prospect’s attention and establish credibility. If your email newsletters contain useful information that is relevant to their patients, those on your doctor mailing lists are going to love it since it adds value to their everyday lives.


According to the American Medical Group Association, the turnover rate in the medical sector is the highest. Any email database that you have, is going to decay at a rate of 4 percent per month since it is the most fluid job market. Your sender reputation will be risked if you rely on email lists with outdated contacts.

Tie up with reputed email marketing companies for opt-in doctor email lists for your email campaigns. Identify your target segment by filtering it by demographics, prescribing behavior, and other relevant variables and get started with personalization. Craft the content accordingly, so you have the highest chance of successfully engaging your audience in the list. You need to make sure that the email campaigns you create are highly personalized and relevant and speak to each segment’s unique needs. Your ultimate goal is to get your message delivered to the inboxes of those on your list and increase your deliverability, and ultimately your ROI.


Almost 80% of doctors in America are iPhone users. When planning for your email campaigns, use Apple as the leading device and pick an email template accordingly. Your email newsletters should have a responsive design that can be easily viewed will easily up your score on the email performance metrics board.

For much such strategy and game play involving email marketing success, check out FrescoData blog.

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