The effect of email marketing on consumer behavior

The email marketing is one of the most effective mediums of marketing. It is often considered to be the only common form of two-way interaction between businesses and consumers. Several email marketing surveys show that e-marketing has a greater impact on consumer behavior than any other mediums of marketing. In past five years, email marketing has grown from 12% percent to 27% percent. A majority of businesses (93%) use email marketing to influence and convert email recipients into buyers. Email marketing not only influences online sales but offline purchases too. According to an email marketing survey, elements such as timing, personalization, and relevance are the key to influence buyers’ behavior via an email message.


These days with the myriad of tools available, it is easy for businesses to track consumer behavior. Any businesses can keep an eye on how the email campaigns work out compared to a more different campaign. Purchasers’ behavior can also be tracked via metrics such as click-rates, conversion rates, and more.

It generally appears that email advertising can bring out negative impact on buyers. For businesses that send important email messages or a lot of messages, buyers can be compelled to send the email to the trash folder. Some may even press the spam button when they don’t want to receive an email from a company they have done business with in the past. Below are a few basic guidelines to track the influence of email marketing on consumer behavior.

Be clear: Your recipients receive a dozen emails every day. They do not have the time to go through the entire email, so be sure to make it clear from the front and the center.

Create a sense of urgency: Give your recipients a reason to act fast, rather than let the email just sit there in the inbox. Use dynamic words and sentences, for example, “Shop now,” or “Last Hour Sale!”.

Keep it simple: Your email message doesn’t need to have too many explanations. You only need to include a few essential details in the email: when the deal expires, how consumers can take action, and details of the deal. Sum up the deal in less than 40 words, without adding fancy words.

Send the email out as right on time as the items come in stock: When you have the items in stock, make the email and send it. Make sure you’re on top of email marketing trends by providing latest products deal available soon as you receive the items in stock.

Add images: You don’t need to get artistic. You can hire a freelancer or take photographs on your own. But, your email message should include pictures as well as video links and not just the text.

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