Email Lists: Three Obstacles to Email List Growth

Obstacles To Email List Growth
Obstacles To Email List Growth

According to a new survey study on email list growth reports by BlueHornet and Ascend2 with respect to sales, marketing and business professionals from worldwide; around 68 percent of B2C companies consider email list growth as very significant for gaining success in email marketing program.

The email list growth is vital for marketers but, is often overlooked, since it is usually overshadowed by other objectives necessary during the implementation of an email marketing program. The other important facets and achievable objectives for firms as per the survey conducted are:

  • Increase in click-through rates and Open rates – 35%.
  • Improving lead generation – 50%.
  • Increasing Email list size – 51%.
  • Improving list accuracy/hygiene – 20%.
  • Improving social integration – 13%.
  • Building brands loyalty – 21%.
  • Improving email relevance – 23%.

With the aforementioned listed facts, making an activity a top priority to achieve objectives does not mean that the other To DOs on the list are least important. However, as a marketer is in need for growing an email list, the following challenges often tend to block the successful implementation of email campaigns. We, at FrescoData, have a remedy to unblock the obstacles that are confronted by marketeers with below listed email lists growth strategies, to figure-out and overcome such challenges. Let’s have a brief look on each of them:

Obstacles to Email List Growth

A. Accurate and relevant content

The survey study shows that content is unbeatable whether, it is a blog, or email marketing. The content is itself a mediocre and a self-serving component. It summarizes the information that users are interested in.

It’s very important to well-format and draft relevant and accurate content for audience during email campaigns. To overcome the irrelevancy of content, you can hire an expert to get your objectives review for improvising and validating content over the web.

B. Buying relevant email list 

The second biggest hindrance is not buying an email list from DMA approved email list vendors. Every year, businesses spend millions generating reports to learn how to reach out to more customers. When in fact, they can do the same by buying email list that contains a list of addresses relevant to the marketing purpose.

You can overcome this obstacle by seeking out for expertise from email list sellers who deliver rich quality CEO email lists.

C. Email list validation/hygiene

The third most challenging obstacle in an email growth list is email list validation. Approx 40 percent of marketers pursuing list growth experience an obstacle in email list hygiene wherein the emails need to be up-to-date and accurate. The key is to overcome this obstacle by simply reaching out to data experts who offer data validation service, thus making the email list more accurate.

To kick-start your email list growth process, there are several futile different ways to confront the hindrances heads on. Rather, you can call an expert in doing so, to ease up the task and overcome past obstacles faster.

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