7 Ways Real Estate Marketing Services Get Verified Real Estate Leads from Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Real Estate Sector

Getting verified real estate leads is easier said than done. It’s easy to think ‘build it and they will come then miraculously, everyone on your lead generation problems is over.

Long before the pandemic, real estate professionals and real estate marketing services had begun the move to virtual. Before digital marketing was the buzz it is today, savvy realtors began developing online marketing plans for residential and commercial real estate.  Early on these real estate pros saw the benefits of digital marketing and how it can be used to get real estate leads and build brand awareness.


Digital Marketing Breathing Life into Commercial Real Estate

The real estate industry, in particular, commercial real estate, has taken a drastic hit in 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Measures put in place to combat the virus have caused shops and businesses to close and the demand for brick-and-mortar stores to decrease. According to IMF staff calculations, this trend can have serious negative long-term effects on banks, insurance companies and even the GDP, who all rely on the revenue from debt funding the purchase of these large properties.

As many entrepreneurs move to the online sphere and start to go digital, real estate marketing services are no different. After all, digital marketing makes lead generation easier for any niche, including those in commercial real estate marketing.

Digital marketing involves the use of online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), content marketing, email marketing and advertising to sell and promote your product, service or brand. With the right digital marketing strategy, realtors and real estate marketing services can expand their reach, save money and get real estate leads.


Pros of Real Estate Pro’s Using Digital Marketing

  • Saves Time

Remember the good old days where you had to cold call, hoof it everywhere and did all your analytics on a spreadsheet? Well, a few of the generations past millennials might, but no doubt, we all would rather forget. Going digital has made buying and selling as fast as a click on a keyboard. Instead of multiple in-person meetings and showings, real estate professionals can provide virtual tours, pricing, and property history all without meeting their clients in person. It saves time on screening potential clients and effort from driving from property to property.

  • Cost-Effective 

Whenever you save time, you automatically save money. Not only that, the cost of advertising online is significantly cheaper than traditional advertising. The average cost of a direct mail campaign is double that of an email marketing campaign, takes longer and with less reach. That isn’t to say a direct mail campaign cannot be effective when executed properly. With FrescoData, you can ensure your direct mail campaign is just as cost-effective and still has the reach of an email campaign.

  • Increased Brand Exposure 

This is due to the nature of the internet, social media platforms, and the cost of digital advertising that allows us to reach millions at one-third the cost of traditional advertising. The low cost and targeting ability of digital advertising makes it easier for your brand to be seen as far as Indonesia and thus exposed to a wider audience. With Frescodata’s programmatic display advertising service, you can have hotels and vacation rentals bidding for ad space on your website.

  • More Data Less Risk 

Analytics, as confusing as they could be, is one of the greatest benefits of the data age. It provides commercial real estate marketing companies with the ability to gain new insights, see competitive gaps, target their audience and get real estate leads with less risk of human error or data bias. FrescoData is the right market intelligence company that can help you come up with the perfect data-driven strategy for your next hospitality digital marketing campaign.

  • Multilingual Capabilities 

No Habla español? No problem. Google translate may not provide the village vernacular of a language, but it can do enough to get the job done. And translation abilities are not only available on the search engine giant. All a savvy real estate pro has to do is add it to their optimized site or seek out FrescoData which is available in over 60 countries and they’re good to go.

Though over the past year and a half, there has been a steady decline in traditional advertising and an increase in digital advertising, it wouldn’t be advisable to count traditional out just yet. Despite the pandemic, people may still need to meet face to face and word of mouth still works just as well offline as it does online.

Buying Verified Real Estate Leads and not Lists

To most real estate marketing services, buying leads is the equivalent of doing a back alley deal for a ‘Rolex’. Most prefer organic growth and hard work and shun the idea of the easy road. This is because Google and most search engines are now wise to the buy leads game. This is why GDPR compliance ensures there are double opt-in policies in email marketing services for commercial real estate. They want to ensure the people who you add to your contact list actually want to be contacted by you.

In the past, buying a random email list was definitely not the equivalent of buying verified real estate leads. A list of one thousand had the potential of giving you 0 or 100 leads depending on your niche. It also has the potential of losing those 100 ‘real estate’ leads due to your real estate brokerage firm being sent to the spam folder before you can send your second email. Essentially, buying an untargeted list from an ill-reputable company is the same as cold-calling people at dinner time. There is little value in it except to annoy people and damage your brand reputation.

However, purchasing highly targeted verified real estate leads that are actually tailored to your industry from a company whose main focus is data research, is a different matter altogether. Sadly, not many real estate brokerage firms or even commercial real estate marketing companies are aware there is a better option for lead generation.

Sure, you can build your list from organic reach and take months or sometimes years of research and A/B testing to create the client list of your dreams. Or you can reach out to a company like FrescoData, which has the data on the real estate industry to help you with your email marketing efforts and get you verified real estate leads from both residential and commercial real estate

Still, if you’re up to the task, you can opt to simply build your list by onboarding your mobile clients or real estate direct mailing list. Either way, no matter how you choose to work your digital marketing strategy, there are still a few basic things real estate pros should do to get the most leads from their digital marketing strategy.


Digital Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

Online marketing for real estate isn’t daunting as you may think. All it comes down to is networking, which most real estate agents are pros at, and lead generation. Yes, it seems simple, but in reality, there are a lot of little details to take care of and you may not have the time to do them all.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make use of these seven ways real estate pros get leads from digital marketing.

  • Develop Buyer Profiles.

It’s the basics of your digital marketing efforts, but without it, it can be near impossible to create a highly targeted list, write a proper email for commercial real estate or even an SEM campaign. If you don’t know who they are, when they’ll be ready to buy, where they are from or even why your target audience does anything it can be difficult to find the right kind of buyers for your real estate campaign. Using FrescoData’s consumer data makes it easier to develop the right buyer persona for your real estate brokerage firm.

  • Invest in Digital Marketing Training and Education

You can’t use what you don’t know and if you want to make the most of your digital marketing campaign then it’s best you start learning all you can about it. A lot of the skills used by digital marketing like networking and promotion are already used by real estate agents. Learning more on how your real estate brokerage firm can make the transition to digital marketing shouldn’t be too strenuous. However, if you’re not into lifelong learning, talk to FrescoData today and let’s strategize your next digital marketing campaign.

  • Know the Power of Social Media Engagement

From Virtual 360 tours on YouTube to Instagram Stories before and after shots to Facebook groups, real estate marketing services and real estate professionals have made their presence felt on social media. Even people who are in no position to become buyers, enjoy the Virtual tours and use the inspiration for their own home renovation projects. When potential real estate customers or influencers like and share your social media content, the engagement helps with reach, drives traffic, and increases brand awareness.

  • Build On Their Strengths

As I mentioned before, real estate professionals are great at networking and savvy pros know how to maximize that talent in their digital marketing strategy. Combined with FrescoData, whose strength is in personalized consumer data with industry knowledge, creating a digital network takes on a whole new meaning.

  • Create an SEO Optimized Website

Well…duh. Where else can you showcase your houses, plans, virtual tours and let potential clients know all about your real estate services? It’s another of the digital marketing basics. You must have an SEO-optimized site with SEO-optimized content. With proper keyword usage, user experience, and design optimization, your website can be the perfect digital storefront for your real estate brokerage firm.

  • Make Use of Digital Advertising

Like I said before, digital advertising is cheaper than traditional and has a greater reach. Making use of digital advertising mediums like SEM, Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) can be cost-saving as well as help your real estate brokerage firm get real estate leads. Cheaper ad spends and easier reach doesn’t mean you should abandon all need for targeting. With the use of the right data, FrescoData can maximize that ad spends and get you the best returns on your online marketing campaign.

  • Have Highly Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

To have targeted email campaigns you need a targeted list with verified real estate leads. Before you build that funnel for your real estate brokerage firm or email marketing for commercial real estate campaigns, maybe you should ensure your leads are verified. Talk with FrescoData about getting real estate leads for your real estate marketing service and let’s strategize before your next digital marketing campaign.

The list seems short and by no way is it fully expansive, but even this shortlist can take up time and skills that real estate marketing services and real estate professionals may not have.

It’s better to leave your digital marketing efforts to the professionals and talk with FrescoData about your next email marketing for commercial real estate campaigns or get targeted and verified real estate leads without doing the onboarding yourself. Talk to FrescoData today and let’s strategize on your next digital marketing real estate campaign.

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