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According to a latest research, once a new visitor enters your website it is his/her’s last visit as well. This type of revenue loss is called a traffic leak, probably is the main reason of opportunities missed by your company in the attempt of luring these visitors after they have entered your website. Do not worry! Every problem has a solution, even this one. The solution to overcome the traffic leak is to build a mailing list, which will include all business contacts.

The mailing list will include all email addresses of your website’s visitors. By building and using this instrument you will be able to keep in touch with your business contacts by sharing news and promotions. But do not forget that by informing your business contacts from the mailing list you will also build or increase the reputation of your company as well! Creating a mailing list with business contacts is essential not only for repeated business, but also it lures one-time visitors back to your website to check products and services offered by your company. Some websites require from its visitors either to provide an email or sign up for a user account, which nota bene requires also an email address, in order to view products and services. Once you have an email address of your visitor, you have also a chance of luring the potential business contact back with each successive email.

Mailing Lists

The mailing list with business contacts will provide you with a chance of increasing opportunity of the sale with each email sent by your company. But remember that content of each single mail, which will be sent to your business contacts from the mailing list, is important. Never take advantage of your mailing list and use it on senseless and useless emails. The quality of your emails should be on the highest level so none of your business contacts would be discouraged. If you keep the quality of emails on the appropriate level you will receive a better response rate from your business contacts. Even though aesthetics are important, remember not to use too contrasting colors, keep it professional if you want the mailing list to remain useful and profitable.

Using the mailing list in a proper way will increase chances that business contacts from the mailing list will forward or refer others to your website. Even if the business contact is not interested in your offer, maybe he knows someone who might be. Therefore, you have to remember that the mailing list is not only about business contacts which are included in it. Just look at the mailing list as an extensive instrument of attracting customers; and it has a huge impact on business contacts.

The mailing list seems to be an opportunity to advertise indirectly and create one’s brand recognition as well. Undeniably the mailing list is crucially important to any company and service industry. Competition in today’s market is tough and the mailing list with its business contacts gives one an advantage.

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