Ten Ways To Get Your Email Marketing On Right Track

Ways to Get Email Marketing On Right Track

  • Put a Subscription Form on Your Website

Maximize your profit motives by choosing an effective email service provider that helps you easily create your marketing campaign and also helps you meet the targeted goals. An ESP hosts email marketing software online that is particularly optimized for sending bulk e-newsletters.

The ESP should also provide you, both, telephonic and online customer support/training. They should also provide all the necessary tools and tutorials that help you execute your marketing programs easily.

Before selecting a good ESP, make sure that it fits with your budget plan, and has a reliable sending infrastructure with hardware redundancies, and multiple high-speed connections, so that you can deliver bulk emails any time.

  • Build a Permission-Based and Relevant Mailing List

A mailing list stands as the most vital component in the email marketing campaign. An email list build by seeking permission from executives, always yields better results. The reason is that you’re providing an informative content in an email, which is based on their interest’s criteria.

By seeking permission for subscribing you, it provides a base for delivering value, as customers have raised their hands and devoted their interest to subscribe your services and products. So, to accelerate your marketing campaigns further, you need the biggest possible mailing list of prospects that are willing to hear from you in future as well.

  • Leverage Contact Details for Better Targeting

It’s true that if you keep sending generic emails or the irrelevant ones, your email sent might get blocked or marked as spam by the recipients.

Don’t rush; instead, before sending an email to the recipients, you should identify the contact that you have stored in your mailing list. Fragment those contact details by leveraging it based on a couple of parameters. The parameters include job roles, location, industry size, etc.

Now, you are well set to send an email to the recipients, deliver an appealing content, which is mainly drafted for targeting prospects.

  • List Hygiene – An Important Factor in Email Marketing

While carrying out the task of email marketing, marketeers should pay a due attention towards their lists hygiene. Also, internet service providers expect senders to maintain their mailing lists, excluding defunct addresses, and clear of non-existent email addresses.

Your mailing list should be filled with the contact information of recipients, having valid and active email addresses. Considering and maintaining hygiene list is a sign of a good sender in email marketing. This can be implemented by eliminating duplicate email addresses manually, or habitually removing bad email contacts. Also, make a quality check on contact data, like misspelled domains, or proper email formats.

  • Use Newsletter Templates, having Mobile compatibility

Visuals elements are power components that attract and grab many eyeballs. We human memorize more just by looking at the object. In the same way, just by sending an email and formatting an excellent content won’t always work for you. Revitalize your email look by framing its content in a newsletter template. There are many online newsletter templates available. Try using those templates and give your email a new trendy look. You can also hire a designer that can design good email templates.

Test your email templates, to check whether it is compatible on other hardware devices and web portals, or not. For an instance, smart phone devices or other digital gadgets.

  • Catchy and Appealing Subject Lines Increase Open Rates

Your email’s subject line speaks more about what you have in your content. Subject lines are also responsible for increasing open rates. Likewise, a well-drafted, or catchy subject lines create a curiosity for subscribers to click, and open your email.

Though, it might be a mission-critical task, but the first few characters are the doorstep to your email marketing success. State your ideas and objectives clearly where the reader is able to understand and grasp your content. Create a sense of urgency to act and react with your subject lines when recipients read your email.

  • Analyze and Monitor Your Campaign Reports

Sending an email to the number of recipients is a half job done by you, the remaining half is still in a queue; where, one has to analyze their campaign reports to check, whether your email sent was clicked, opened, and read by the recipients, or not.

It might be a boring task, but the fact is, by analyzing and monitoring your campaign reports, you would be able to target well. And, not only this, but also, one can improve their marketing performance just by analyzing and monitoring their campaign reports on a daily basis.

Thus, in the coming days, it will improve your website conversion rates, thereby, increase your email’s open and click-through rates, and even sales derived from promotional mailers.

To execute testing sessions, we advise you to run A/B split tests on small portions of elements (recipients), before sending to the full list to view which variants will actually emit good outcomes.

  • Manage and Schedule Your Newsletter Sending

The success of your marketing campaign depends on the right management of it. Manage your email delivering schedules by sending the right message at the right time. This means that you need to analyze your subscribers’ tastes, and educate them by proving solutions on their conversation path.

For this, connect with your audience, listen to their queries, and help them by giving proper solutions. Provide content that is timely and relevant. Don’t send an email to recipients daily, as they might get bored and frustrated by viewing their inbox filled with your emails. Try sending emails at least 1-2 times in a month.

Delivering deals and offers that are beneficial for subscribers, which serve their needs and creeds. Optimize and segment the group of subscribers, and send an email to those particular groups of individuals that belong to similar tastes and interests. This tactic proves to be worthfull for gaining good insights from email programs.

  • Don’t Forget To Attach an Unsubscription Link

Spam complaints can ruin sender’s reputation, and unfortunately, even individuals have explicitly signed up for an email, might go with the report spam option. A few of the subscribers block and mark spam even without reading the unsubscription process.

So, now, it depends on you to add and highlight unsubscribe me option every time when you deliver an email to subscribers. Mention the name of your brand, its HQ’s address, and your designation, so that subscribers can easily recognize you. Another aspect of this process is that; ease the process for subscribers, so that they can easily unsubscribe your services without marking you as spam.

  • Be Consistent In Sending Emails

It’s good to stay in touch with the subscribers for continuing your business proposals. For this, you should deliver emails to subscribers within a scheduled time period. This process depends on your industry size, and the type of services and products you have to offer them.

Let’s assume that, if the waiting periods between messages are too long, then your email bounce rates increase due to the possibility of people changing their email address or shifting from one firm to another, or forgetting who you are. Some of them might assume your newsletters are spam, or the recipients are no longer interested in subscribing your services any more.

Stay engaged. Serve your subscribers well by offering relevant and valuable content. Add triggered emails and auto-responders to your campaign mix that help you nurture the conversation between you and your audience, especially when they interact with a communication medium.

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