Personalization, A Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

Personalization is one of the major aspects in shaping future of Digital Marketing. According to industry sources, it was revealed that by the year of 2016, around 89% of marketers are going to focus on customer experience to enhance their brand image. The organization makes use of consumer data in smart ways of personalizing the content, ensuring the information is delivered to the relevant customers.

Personalization is comprehensive and continues one-to-one communication approach that individualizes benchmarks brand messages based upon predications and known facts concerning consumer behavior, needs, interest, and desires, from their past browsing history.

powerful tool shaping future of digital marketing

Digital Marketing Tool

Personalization: Poor and adverse effects


What are the adverse effects by employing poor personalization?

While executing personalization, marketers often tend to focus on the customers’ buying behavior and procuring their relevant information. The adverse effect of personalization is that: If you deliver any irrelevant offers or services to your target audience, which in reverse makes an individual overwhelmed, frustrated, and disenchanted towards the brand. A recipient could be pestered with the offers that might be irrelevant and undesirable. Nearly half of consumers are less likely to respond mass marketing emails. Let’s view what are the challenges faced by the respondents.

Challenges faced by the respondents:

  • Inability to link with the different technologies
  • Poor quality of data
  • Lack of relevant technology

Personalization: As a positive and powerful tool

Brands facing such odd outcomes must try to overcome and modify their content, personalizing techniques to make it more powerful and positive for boosting more revenues:

Various techniques for implementing positive personalization:

The power of positive personalization depicts that, around 60% of brands feel positive when marketing messages are personalized. In the marketing era where brands strive to maintain a good relationship with their customers, they must address their customers as a valuable individual one in order to meet the expected desires for personalizing their content and relevancy through the marketing lifecycle.

Requires a human touch & technology

If any customer is not responding to your mails send, you need a marketing professional who can monitor and evaluate a campaign manually. This process is very complex and time consuming. Make use of an automated system which will highlight and remove respondents’ data from the email lists. But instead of removing them, human interaction can be considered as an alternative option for reconnecting with them.

Recent purchases made by customers

Focus on more consumers’ buying behavior rather than examining outdated information. Concentrate more on the recent purchases made by the customer from past browsing history. Try to analyze whether consumers buy a similar product again or whether they are waiting for new products and trends for buying purposes?

How often a customer purchases a product?

You have to keep an eye on consumer, how often he/she buys a product and what are the buying behavior and likings towards the product purchased? This could be like they are buying the product without planning anything. For example, you can start tracking when an individual buys shaving kit or says perfume, and help provide more valuable services.

Benefits of utilizing mobile device

According to a survey report, more than 49% of respondents stipulate that they urged for location-specific coupons and advertisements. You can make use of intelligent analysis to know who are interested in your brand. Here, mobile serves as a future aspect in knowing customers’ interest, which would further be helpful in knowing by what ways you can assist your customers.

Customers’ Feedback

Feedback is very essential to know whether the purchase made by the customers has satisfied them or not? How many ratings are given to a product by a customer? What they hate the most while buying a product? To know more, interact with your customers on a regular basis and try to improvise on the weak factors mentioned in the feedback form.

Various approaches for executing better personalization:

  • Drafting users’ profiles and insights: -By aggregating all the consumer data and insights in a single-profile, you will be having an essential information by which you can reflect, understand, and predict consumer needs.
  • View customer as an individual person: –You might be incorporated as much as user information in your profile as a result; you will be having richer insights. Therefore, you need to measure and anticipate both online and offline consumer desires.
  • Authenticate personalized creativity: –Personalized creative is the benchmark for a brand. By establishing deep and enduring long-term relationships by adding value based customer behavior, habits and needs.
  • Personalized message delivery:-Once you are done with personalized creativity, you need technology for sending personalized content for getting delivered to the right person, in right time and on the right device.
  • Personalized media investment: –Leverage your potential revenues based on individual profile and media that should adjust the potential customers from the money invested by every individual buyer.
  • Continuous one-to-one relationship:-True personalization is not possible unless and until you keep on analyzing on the profile and insight on an individual, in the result it will help you to understand and predict consumers’ desires, attitude, needs and to deliver highest messages.

Personalization: Future aspects

Make use of Dynamic content personalization, it’s a powerful tool for growing your email lists and also to maximize and boost more revenues for brands.

Key Benefits of utilizing dynamic Content personalization:

  • Acknowledge and incentivize specified customer segments
  • Deliver high customer satisfaction
  • Increases website conversion rate and revenues

When it comes to delivering personalized content to the target audience, data privacy becomes a prime concern for you. Formalize your interaction with an individual by growing your brand loyalty. Try to gel with the audience for future proposal also deliver relevant products and services by satisfying their desires. Secure your internal sources for executing personalized marketing programs.

Increase your CX (customer experience) by personalizing social media, SMS, Web display ads, and email messages. Use the same approach for younger consumers too. In fact, the content sent to your audience must be more customer-centric rather than promoting your brands.

Thus, personalizing digital communication means having a more positive impact on customers’ whose age is between 18-34, and also to 60% of the consumers who are likely to purchase.

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