Useful Direct Mail Marketing Tips you’ll be Thankful for!

The thing about direct mail marketing is that it’s not hip and happening anymore. While is undeniably true that email and social media marketing have become mainstream today, most businesses still stick to direct mail marketing.

Quick Facts:

  1. As to a report by Winterberry group, a strategic consulting firm, marketers spent over $45 million in 2013 on direct mail marketing.
  2. According to Harvard Business Review, direct mail receives 25% more response in comparison to 23% for emails.

Why? In spite of direct mail being highly expensive, it is still considered as the most effective and reliable way for reaching out to affluent customers. The best thing about a successful direct campaign is that it can easily offset the costs behind the campaign and yield escalating profits. But careful, direct marketing also means making use of a carefully crafted marketing campaign. It is something that requires more time and efforts compared to doing the same for email and social media campaigns.

Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Direct Mail Marketing Tips

There are 5 tips below that will help you pave the way for instant marketing success (with a must-know tidbit in the end!):

Get a Well-Segment Direct Mail List:

We’ll simply get past the “build your own list” advice. Here is why: When you’re building your own list means employing your time and resources for crafting a niche audience base. Why waste it, when you can put it to some good and profitable use such as revising and improving your products? Instead, get a well-segmented, niche business-to-business or consumer-to-business list from a reputable source, like FrescoData.

Value-Added Promotions:

There’s always one retailer in your inbox who would keep on filling it with newsletters and email without any value-added offer. What do we do to such emails? We delete them, we brand them as the virtual equivalent of fingernails on the chalkboard thing, and ultimately we unsubscribe! This is the kind of business that we should be sincerely thankful to, they help us learn something valuable from their marketing goof ups.

Then there’s also the kind who would always steal your attention with tactics such as truly unique offers and sales, rebates, time-limited promotions. And there tip no. 2 – value added promotions!

Let the Overall Design do the Magic:

Let your direct mail marketing material follow basic design rules. Be creative, but no such that the colors do a dance of visually distorting illusions. Hire a graphic designer. Get a good quality printer. Use professional-grade paper; make sure the final copy isn’t poor-quality.

Select the Medium:

There’s no point in sending a greeting card to your customers in December when you can actually capitalize by sending a brochure. Some companies never learn that choosing the right medium for the right kind of message is essential for direct marketing.

Test the Demographic:

Before you press the green button for a full-fledged marketing campaign, test it on a smaller market. This way you will be able to determine on your ROI for a much broader future marketing campaign. If you fail to capitalize on the smaller market, it means that you need to work on a improved sales idea and test it again rather than see it fail on a much larger demographic. This simple step works great especially if you have a smaller budget for the marketing campaign.

Adopting all these tips will ensure instant marketing success yielding incredible profits. But how useful are they if you could multiply the profits twofold or maybe more using another such great tip?

Follow up.

That’s the one.

Most businesses forget to follow-up in the whole “joys of tasting success” moment. You must follow up by using a more personalized version of a brochure or a letter to your target demographic. In fact, try collecting their phone number and make a much better offer during the follow-up call!

Learn more about FrescoData’s expert Direct Marketing techniques to yield optimum results.

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