Tips to Successfully Integrate Email Marketing With Social Media

In the age of social media, it becomes quite significant for you, as an email marketing company, to focus on critical issues related to social media marketing.

Integrate Email Marketing with Social Media

Also, it’s very important to understand the difference between social media connection and social media sharing.

Social Media Connection: It deals with asking email subscribers to follow your account on Twitter, like your Facebook page, subscribe to your channel on YouTube, etc.

Social Sharing: It is when an email marketer offers an option for the email subscriber to share a specific content or entire email with their social network

Now that we’ve learned the fundamental difference between the aforementioned elements, let’s jump to tips, which will help you successfully integrate social media and email marketing.

Email Marketing with Social Media

  1. Emails Must Include Social Icons

Sure, it does sound an obvious one. But, it’s quite necessary that your email campaigns must include social icons. This sure doesn’t mean you have to slap a tiny Twitter or Facebook account somewhere at the base of your email. Flaunt it boldly at the top.

  1. Ask Your Targeted Clients To Share and Connect

Including social icons is sometimes never enough, always remember. While your targeted subscribers may recognize the LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook icons, not all are aware of the actions you expect them to take. Do not be afraid of asking your audience to share and connect.

  1. Email Campaign Dedicated to a Particular Social Network

There are times when asking your subscribers to connect and share on social networks including some buttons and link is not enough. This is when sending a specific email dedicated to a social network can be used.

  1. Offer Incentive

If you want your subscribers to connect with your email marketing campaign on social networks, you need to offer them incentives. Subscribers love knowing what all you have in store for them. This doesn’t mean that your incentive has to be financial. Use creative options like offering an opportunity to feature in your next email campaign for those who share the most.

  1. Email Sign-up Should Be Promoted Via Social Networks

If your email marketing company has strong follower base on a specific social networking site, do not hesitate to go for fresh email subscribers with the help of that channel.

  1. Email Must Include “Retweet This” Option

This is another great method of cross-pollinating your email and social media marketing. You can highlight a specific tweet in your emails and ask your subscribers to retweet.

  1. Email Opt-In Form Should Be Built on Facebook

Facebook, for instance, offers you to embed a form of a sign-up email as one of your apps. You can take advantage of this great opportunity to encourage your fans on Facebook.

  1. You Should Promote Your Email Marketing On Your Blog

You should promote your email marketing on your blog. This way you can mention, ask for, and link to fresh email subscribers. Promoting your email campaign on your blog, especially when you have a decent number of followers and readers would play as an excellent opportunity for you.

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