Mindset Shifts Needed For C-level Email Marketing

Everyone wants to do business with c-level executives. They are the ones who write the checks, make decisions, and open the door to plenty of lucrative opportunities. But therein lies a problem – you cannot through because they’re constantly tuning out messages, just like the rest of us. They’re so bombarded with email messages that they constantly filter out anything that pops up in their inbox. Scheduled down to the nanosecond, these c-level have very little time for whatever it is you’re offering. The success of a C-level email marketing campaign depends on –

a) the c-level executive email list you use,
b) the offer,
c) the timing of your email campaign, and
d) the ad creative your use.

C-level Email Marketing Tips

C Level Email Marketing
These people are increasingly difficult to reach through conventional email marketing channels. Here’s what we have to suggest:


Make sure you research the executives you’re targeting. It’s better to learn what they like and dislike, what kinds of content they read.

Go by one simple rule: you can never have too much information about your prospects. You’ll never know what kind of email will tick them off, or what subject line they will find open-worthy or what deals they’re more likely to take action on.

C-level execs, like everyone else, like a story. They are eager to know what their competitors are doing. Send an intriguing subject line to pull into a conversation about what their competitors are doing, and you’re in!

As easy as it sounds, there’s one major issue with C-level email marketing. These c-level execs have gatekeepers who probably read the email first. So, you need to catch the attention of the gatekeeper with an alluring content. This brings us to Call to Action.


A powerful pitch can be killed by a weak Call to Action. If you hope to receive a positive response, focus on your Call to Action. It should be clear, actionable and alluring.

To stand out, you need to use a Call to Action which is inherently eye-catching and hard to ignore. Think about it this way: to generate interest of the c-level exec you’re targeting you’re going to have to promise to deliver a valuable deal.
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According to BusinessWire, 82 percent of c-level executives use mobile devices as their schedules and duties require it. So, if you’re looking to reach c-level executives, remember that their mobile devices may be the most direct route.

What you can do: Since email is the top activity on c-level executives’ smartphones, you may need to tailor your emails for mobile devices. This includes resizing images, reducing file image sizes, increasing the size of links/call-to-action buttons and using mobile responsive templates.
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Email marketing strategy is the key. You’re going to fail if you don’t have an accurate c-level executive email list or a CEO email list. You’re going to fail if you haven’t thought through your content strategy. You’re going to fail if you have adapted to tailoring your email message for mobile devices. You’re going to fail if your Call to Action isn’t intriguing enough. The stakes are high. Always be sure that your reputation is on the line when you’re targeting c-level executives with email marketing. Partner with a reputable data-driven marketing and consulting company and see what email marketing strategy works best for what you have to offer.

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