Uplift Your 2015’s Retail Email Marketing a Notch Higher

Retail Email Marketing

According to a recent survey, the source revealed that around 60% of the subscribers like to receive mails once in a week whereas some like to receive mails more frequently. This is a beneficiary factor of goodwill for retail marketeers to expand more in the e-businesses.

Retail marketeers should uplift the 2015’s retail email marketing a notch higher by increasing customer relationships and making customers connect from the very first touch till the last which makes them come back again and again. One of the most common miss-steps lead by retail marketeers is that, they aim for customers to buy their goods and services and fail to maintain a long-term customer relationship.

The below listed concepts when executed, can make a slight variation in your retail email marketing this year:

Spring-up your email list

Those who understand the importance of email marketing, know direct relation tie-in to spring up their email database. As a result, increase in email contacts will be directly related to drive–in good return on investments.

This year, you need to implement a strategic website pop-up to boost the volume of willing buyers on your email list. The successful pop-up won’t be able to view the gain you wish for. It has to use the right incentive in return for a visitor offering his or her email: Gift-with-purchase, coupons and sweepstakes.

Targeting, the most significant part, you must have an incentivized exit –intent offer active on your cart page. When you are adding more contacts to your database, try to reduce your cart abandonment rate and increase sales conversion.

Use CRM and Customer data

For making the best use of the customer’s email database in your email marketing, you can connect your email marketing with CRM (Customer relationship management). By this method, you can create a granular segmentation based on customer purchased data. As a result, it’ll allow you to send right the message to the right person at the right time.

Further more you can build a good brand loyalty and retain your customers by:

  • Post-purchase thank you series
  • Product recommendations that build a relationship where your prospects value your opinion
  • To win back churning customers

Optimize your customer data and start sending relevant, personalized and timely emails to your prospective clients.

Stay close and personal

Most of the Industry has been talking about personalization and we are all aware about its functioning. The gap between what marketeers say and do is very significant in this area. The secret of one-to-one behavioral personalization at scale is powerful algorithm.

The algorithm is initiated by measuring in-app behavior and a customer’s on-site. The algorithm combines trending content, semantic analysis, business rules and effective recommendations to produce human communication at machine scale.

As a result an email marketeer gets customer experience with personalized content, infinitely complex along with the ever-evolving picture of each prospect.

Reengage with real-time content

You can reengage with your customers by delivering them weeklies, newsletter, products or freebies or offering discounts once a while in a week or more frequently. By leveraging the content at the time of mail opening, you can generate immediate revenues and efficiency.

Real-time content for your customers makes your content personalized and make everything more live and vibrant for your prospectus. You can use a count-down time to know the percentage increase in click-through rates.

Make your content more live by inputting local offers, maps for stores in the subscriber’s area, dynamically inserting live web content, personalized deadlines, and specific user’s information in real time.

The primary reason for real-time content is that, your emails will stay in relevant recipient’s mailbox for longer duration boosting more response rates. With this, you will be able to optimize your ROI campaigns to squeeze out more profits from the amount invested in projects.

A Customer Life-Cycle Process

A marketing life-cycle process comprises of quite a few important factors – from inviting new subscribers, converting them into prospective clients, to retaining and growing customer base by building a robust customer relationship management.

To start with, you must make sure who your recipients are. Moreover, double check when mailing content to your recipients. It should be more about them rather than about promoting your brand. If you have made a commitment to deliver better mails this year, it’ll surely allow you to increase subscribers, maximizing sales and more engagements with the audience. One more technique can make your task easy-refining and testing the process to achieve your goals in a better way for sending relevant mails into the recipient’s mailbox.

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