Using Data Validation and Data Verification for a Marketing Campaign

Any business trying to use email marketing as an important marketing tool knows that prospective and existing customers’ data should be maintained and kept clean. If neglected, there’s a pretty good chance that it might end up affecting their campaign performance, ROI, and ultimately – brand reputation and future marketing objectives.

While data has changed the landscape of modern business world, accuracy of data still remains a woe for a majority of them. There is a certain need for businesses to have a certain data quality to avoid errors yet, not many know how to obtain or maintain accurate clean data using the right sources.

Data Validation and Data Verification for a Marketing Campaign

Two of the most important terms when it comes to data quality are “Data Verification” and “Data Validation”. Data verification is a process through which accuracy of data is maintained. Data Validation is a process that aims to make certain that the data accumulated is logical and reasonable. Using both the process can help business utilize relevant data that is specific to their marketing needs.

In most cases the quality of data largely depends on how frequently it is updated. Imagine a scenario where so-and-so business is planning an email campaign using an email list/ direct mail list of potential clients that they had last used more than a year ago. Now they have no idea how many of these people are using the same email address, are at the same company, or are still living at the same addresses. Ultimately their efforts will amount to a zero stemming from poorly maintained data even if they had planned a stellar marketing campaign and brilliant products. The lesson learnt here is that if your data is not updated on a frequent basis, it will only disintegrate into a mess of non-existent addresses and irrelevant information over time. Various parameters of data that are prone to change are – job titles, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, name, company name, etc.

Only a significant percentage of these aspects may change over the course of time, but is it important that you revise your data rather than spending your time and resources behind a marketing campaign using dead data that will only yield disappointing returns.

Data verification is mostly carried out through proofreading, double entry checks, as well as phone and email verification. Nowadays data cleaning softwares and technologies have emerged that enable an automated data verification process. Data validation is a computer generated process which is carried out using codes in order to validate a certain field of data.

Both the data cleaning processes promise quality assurance and are a must have for any marketing campaign. For more information, tips and bits on improving your quality of data, you should consider speaking to experts at companies like FrescoData to yield optimum results.

Learn more about FrescoData’s expert Data Validation and Data Verification techniques to yield optimum results.

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