How to Conduct Successful Father’s Day Email Marketing Campaigns

Father’s day is coming soon and on that note, we want to share some Father’s day email marketing tips that can do wonders, especially for last minute shoppers. There are a few days left for this particular day, so why not utilize it for the best?

While everyone worries about gifts and flowers for Mom on Mother’s Day, no one thinks about father until Father’s Day knocks the door. Usually, it takes Father’s day email marketing campaigns, store displays, or TV commercials to remind ‘Whoa! Today is Father’s Day!! Lemme hurry up and buy some present for dad!

According to leading research, Father’s Day is usually not planned in advance. Almost 50 percent of email revenue from Father’s Day was generated in the same week as that of the Father’s Day in 2013. The day recorded the highest revenue, which accounted for 11 percent of email revenue generated on Father’s Day.

Father's Day Email Marketing Campaigns

This means it’s the best time to market your targeted customers with fascinating Father’s Day email marketing ideas. You can include these appealing ideas in your well-designed Father’s Day email marketing campaigns. Consumers tend to scramble for longer hours looking out for perfect Father’s day gifts and you certainly want to stay present for them. Always remember, last minute buyers spend more time as compared to average early buyers. So how about creating fascinating Father’s day email marketing campaigns in order to lure these customers right away? (Read: How to Execute Successful Father’s Day Email Campaigns)

Father’s Day Email Marketing Tips

Father’s Day in Northern Hemisphere corresponds with the beginning of summer. You should keep this in mind when you start promoting your products. During this period of time, dads surely enjoy relaxing in the sun on the beach or at the barbecue. Beach and sports clothing, golf, BBQ, and fishing gear are considered traditionally as the most popular items to market during this time.

On the other hand, things at Southern Hemisphere are a bit different. Latin American consumers will prefer mud boots, umbrellas, and rain coats for the ongoing heavy rainy season. In the further south, customers will make their dad’s happy with snow clothes and ski equipment just in time for the opening of Argentinean and Chilean ski resorts in upcoming weekends.

Show dads you really love them. One research suggests that adding the word ‘love’ in the subject line of your Father’s Day email marketing campaigns can boost the rate of transactions by 300 percent as compared to loveless, boring emails.

You must try some of the below listed subject lines in Father’s Day emails:

Deals, Order Now for Father’s Day, Free Shipping, the Perfect Gift, Save, 50% Off, Exclusive Offer, and Free Gift. (Read: Top 3 Spam Keywords to Avoid in Email Subject Lines)

Try to create the sense of urgency for the Father’s Day and at the same time assure them you are prepared to be at their service.

You can offer free shipping.

Do not forget that Father’s Day is a day to celebrate with families. So try to send emails that are family friendly, such as, “Dads eat free on Father’s Day!” (Read: Turbocharge Your Email Conversions with Personalized Emails)

What are you waiting for? Create your Father’s day email campaign today and check if your email templates are perfect for the occasion.

Wishing You a Happy Father’s Day in Advance!


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