Growth of Data Licensing in IT Industry

For an IT marketer, there is nothing as important as Data. In fact, they prefer calling data as wealth. Webinar campaigns and emails heavily depend on email marketing and online promotions in order to generate new business. Either organization purchase or rely on an in-house available database to operate campaigns.

Data Licensing in IT Industry

Data Licensing in IT

Growth of Data Licensing in IT Industry

Data licensing, so far, was not a popular concept. In fact, in IT industry, individuals used to purchase database for requirements based on a short-term. However, things are different now. Marketers can notice value in potential long-term agreements for database such as data licensing, as it addresses the below-listed points

  • Absence of accurate and real-time database
  • Absence of topic specific and relevant industry database
  • Excessive dependence on affiliated channels and publishers
  • Poor quality and limited database with absence of proper market research
  • High bounce back rate for emails
  • Repetition of Data
  • Poor strategies to segment and target audience on social media platforms

Social media marketing and email marketing play a very important role in earning subscriptions, registrations, and lead. No matter what technique you use to promote a campaign, the ultimate key to generate quality leads is a clean and relevant set of database. There are times when even after having worked considerably hard, the result you achieve in terms of ROI and quality leads, can be very depressing. Either they end up as a complete failure or they’re not up to the mark. The main reason behind this dilemma is poor quality database due to which webinars and email campaigns fail to generate quality leads. This is where Data licensing plays its role. It offers you an access to real-time, accurate, and clean sets of database as per your requirement.

Reasons Why IT Marketers Prefer Relying On Data Licensing

The quality of database and the size of an internal database, which one receives from a certified partner, may not meet the lead expectations sometimes. With the help of data licensing, one can purchase customized database sets to meet requirements. A database prepared following a brief market research and vigorous scrutiny.

Benefits for IT Marketers

Customized Mailing Lists

Access Specific database based on specific industry or topic

Email Blast

Send email to customized list that consists of opt-in emails

Data Cleansing

Frequently cleaned and updated database

Data Enhancement

Receive monthly updates of new database specific to different industries and topics

Market Research

A robust market research to back the data

Market Automation software

Integrated platform of market automation to offer data and cloud analytics

Database consultation

Consult experts to handle email marketing campaigns

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