Purchasing and Procurement Executive Mailing Lists and Email Lists

Purchasing and Procurement Mailing Lists and Email Lists

Total Contacts in Purchasing & Procurement

With Emails: 1,228,045
With Postal & Phones: 1,157,199

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Streamline Your Outreach to Purchasing & Procurement Professionals

Are you looking to connect with key decision-makers in the purchasing and procurement field? Our carefully curated email lists provide direct access to key professionals in purchasing and procurement. Whether offering products, services, or solutions, reaching the right audience is crucial & thus, buying our opt-in email database is the first step toward a successful marketing campaign.

How Our Email Lists Can Benefit You:

  • Precision Targeting:

Our email lists are meticulously compiled to ensure you reach influential individuals in purchasing and procurement. Targeting the right professionals maximizes the impact of your outreach.

  • Quality Contacts:

We understand the importance of quality over quantity. Our lists consist of verified contacts, ensuring that your messages land in the inboxes of professionals who matter.

  • Up-to-Date Information:

In the fast-paced business world, staying current is essential. Our lists are regularly updated to reflect changes in job roles, ensuring you always have access to the most relevant contacts.

  • Customization Options:

Tailor your outreach strategy with our customizable lists. Refine contacts based on industry, company size, location, and more, allowing you to create campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

  • Increase Sales Opportunities:

Connecting directly with purchasing and procurement professionals enhances your chances of turning leads into valuable sales opportunities.

  • Build Lasting Relationships:

Nurture relationships with decision-makers who can become long-term partners. Our email lists provide the foundation for establishing meaningful connections.

  • Drive Marketing ROI:

Improve your marketing campaign’s ROI by focusing your efforts on a qualified audience that is more likely to engage with your offerings.

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition:

Gain a competitive edge by reaching key players in the purchasing and procurement arena before your competitors do.

Segmentation of Purchasing and Procurement contacts by Country:

Country Email Phone &
Direct Mail
Argentina 11,922 11,624
Australia 15,995 16,855
Bahrain 9192 8890
Belgium 10,509 7,992
Brazil 18,810 12,794
Canada 24,835 22,377
Chile 7,747 7,998
China 54,299 55,770
Colombia 12,373 7,836
Denmark 11,466 15,594
Egypt 12,926 10,305
Finland 9669 9,425
France 16,307 13,853
Germany 21,956 20,124
Hong Kong 32,467 34,145
India 79,509 71,611
Indonesia 22,808 19,045
Ireland 23,711 23,734
Italy 12,611 16,871
Japan 46,360 41,903
Kuwait 21,288 21,666
Malaysia 19,144 17,623
Mexico 24,531 31,623
Netherlands 23,358 23,054
New Zealand 56,575 52,745
Peru 13,337 13,191
Philippines 21,269 20,728
Poland 8,814 5,219
Russia 45,942 45,424
Saudi Arabia 51,082 49,364
Singapore 41,013 36,671
South Africa 62,464 56,530
South Korea 23,326 21,653
Spain 12,821 11,135
Switzerland 26,997 26,555
Taiwan 12,484 12,807
Thailand 23,714 23,759
Turkey 31,159 27,734
UAE 62,392 56,009
UK 78,697 62,759
USA 81,824 84,591
Venezuela 17,777 14,943
Vietnam 12,565 12,670
Total 1,228,045 1,157,199


FrescoData – Maximizes Value

  • Compliance – FrescoData’s lists are CAN-SPAM compliant and adhere to all guidelines outlined by the Direct Marketing Association.
  • Refresh Rate– FrescoData updates the data frequently to keep it accurate & reliable.
  • Pricing – FrescoData’s cost-effective pricing helps marketers deliver the right message at the right price. For a custom quote based on data field requirements and volumes, please email us at info@frescodata.com with the details of your needs.
  • Data Accuracy – FrescoData assures that the data quality delivered to clients is accurate and will guarantee a certain deliverability percentage.


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