10 Ways Email Marketing Providers are Disrupting the Communications Landscape

Ways Email Marketing Providers are Disrupting the Communications Landscape

Marketing trends come and go, but email marketing is here to stay. Email has been the primary mode of communicating with customers and other stakeholders for decades, and email marketing providers have only grown in sophistication and capability since their inception. 

Email marketing has one of the highest ROIs in digital marketing strategies. And with the correct email marketing provider, you can have more personalized campaigns even with mass email sending. You can also save money on traditional mass email marketing methods, which can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for small companies.


Who are Email Marketing Providers? 


Email marketing was once limited to large corporations with plenty of money to invest in traditional methods of communication, such as phone calls and face-to-face meetings. Email marketing has become a powerful tool for small and medium-sized businesses to reach consumers and build their brands. Email marketing providers offer a wide range of digital marketing tools that allow these businesses to develop and nurture connections with their audience via email, text, and social media.

Email marketing providers are the companies that offer tools and services to help companies communicate with their audiences through email. Some popular email service providers (ESP) include MailChimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber. Other complete email marketing platforms with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Hubspot, Salesforce, and Send-in-Blue.

Over the last few years, email marketing providers have emerged as a new breed of communication providers with the ability to provide various email marketing services cost-effectively. Email marketing platforms and service providers allow companies to send newsletters, automate campaigns, and craft other email marketing messages for their audiences. They also provide analytics so that marketers can understand the impact of their email marketing efforts, and they help companies build and grow their email lists.

An email is a powerful tool that allows businesses to reach customers without interrupting their day and has the power to build relationships and generate sales. Email marketing agencies offer a range of features that enable businesses to reach their audience in new ways, including behavioral segmentation and the ability to respond to individual emails rather than entire mass email marketing campaigns. This tool can change how companies communicate with their customers, generating deeper relationships and increasing sales.


The Key Differences between Email Marketing Providers and Email Marketing Platforms


When choosing an email marketing provider, the first thing to consider is the difference between email marketing platforms and providers. An email marketing platform or ESP provides tools designed to make email marketing more accessible for businesses to manage. Email marketing providers or agencies, on the other hand, are businesses that specialize in offering email marketing as a service

The primary difference between email marketing providers and email marketing platforms is that email marketing providers often offer software as a service (SaaS) instead of a DIY platform. This tool allows them to customize and expand on the features of their platform and services to meet the needs of the business and email deliverability. With typical ESP or platforms, everything is built-in and limited to their existing offerings.


Depending on the email marketing provider and the email marketing platform, their differences can be vast. Professional email marketing providers can have email marketing services no platform may ever provide, such as data validation and multi-channel capabilities. Therefore, the critical difference between email marketing providers and email marketing platforms will always be the services.


Email Marketing Services and Tools You Need From Your Email Marketing Provider

Typically, your business will need to send at least five types of emails;

  • Acquisitional – To build your email list
  • Informational – This includes newsletters and announcements
  • Promotional – To promote the business products and services
  • Re-Engagement – To increase retention and engagement
  • Transactional – Daily emails needed for standard business transactions

You will need to use every type of email at varying stages of your business life and with different email marketing campaigns. You may have to change the email type to suit the target audience and the business and campaign needs. Only an email marketing provider can help you utilize all kinds of emails to suit your business needs at every stage of your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing automation is another tool that is necessary for modern email marketing. Email marketing automation allows marketers to schedule email delivery and create workflows for email marketing campaigns. The best email marketing software also provides segmentation and personalization tools and marketing automation.

Custom templates and other free email marketing tools like content strategy are sometimes offered as bonus services by providers and can cost more on email marketing platforms. An effective content marketing strategy is integral to email marketing and should be the deciding factor when choosing an email marketing provider. This means your email marketing provider should be able to integrate your existing brand and digital marketing strategy into your email marketing campaigns while matching brand voice and using AI-assisted data analysis.


What are The Benefits of Using Email Marketing Providers


Number 1; no DIY. No matter how many courses email marketing platforms provide, there is too much time wasted on trial and error while you find your learning curve and still have no list to show! As a new business owner without an email list and seeking business clients, an email marketing platform is nothing more than a waste of time and investment. Networking is one of the main strengths of B2B, and using a platform alone negates that when their service focuses on mass email marketing alone.

Add in the fact that many platforms don’t cater to all types of emails. You can lose money without an email re-engagement strategy and boring email templates. Email marketing providers only utilize the best email marketing tools and software. Even with the best email marketing software, many platforms lack the marketing automation tools to segment emails by behavior or device effectively.


Other benefits of using email marketing providers are;

  • Customized email marketing strategy
  • Integrated digital and content marketing strategy with your email campaign
  • No DIY analytics and segmentation
  • You are not limited to specific types of emails.
  • You get all the benefits of the best email marketing software and marketing automation tools without taking email marketing 101


The power of email marketing as a communications tool in business is undeniable. Today, many sophisticated tools are available to help businesses communicate and build relationships with their customers efficiently, effectively, and inexpensively. Some of the best email marketing providers in the industry offer email marketing as a service, while others incorporate email marketing specialties, such as software or custom email marketing tools.


New Email Marketing Tools and Communication Techniques


It’s easy for new and even established business owners and marketing teams to get confused by the plethora of email marketing tools, terms, techniques, and service providers. And with so many email service providers vying for your consumer and business data, email marketing automation innovation and data protection should be the focus in 2022. However, those aren’t the only email marketing tools and strategies that led to successful email marketing campaigns.

  • Mobile Optimized Emails – Since almost 60% of emails are being opened on mobiles first, mobile-optimized emails are quickly becoming the norm in many email marketing campaigns.
  • Cold Outreach Techniques for Acquisition Emails – One communication technique that is gaining traction when building email lists is using cold outreach and not just in Business to Business (B2B) operations.
  • Marketing Automation for Email Re-engagement Strategy – Many marketing platforms leave email re-engagement strategy up to you. Still, those using the best email marketing software always account for email re-engagement and retention strategies.
  • Animated Content – First, it was images, videos, and infographics; now, it’s animated GIFs and emojis. Email audiences now prefer fewer words and more visual and animated content.
  • Behavioral Profiling – Personalization using basic demographics is now old school. The new school wants to know how the customer feels today and how to interpret their mood to match the email marketing campaign.


The funny thing about these new techniques and email marketing tools is that they are driven by analytics collected by email marketing platforms but designed by email marketing agencies. As you can see, email marketing platforms alone cannot give you a winning campaign without the innovation of an expert from an email marketing provider. Alone, you can only do so much with the best email marketing software. Still, by partnering with an email marketing provider, you will be able to maximize the functionality of the email marketing tools and boost customer communication.


10 Ways Your Email Marketing Provider can Boost Your Customer Communication


Business owners today have a wealth of options when communicating with their customers. From traditional methods of the telephone to advertising to social media, and now even influencer marketing, there are several ways to reach your target audience. But email marketing has always been of the most cost-effective ways to connect with your audience and one of the most personal.

Here are ten ways email marketing providers are driving the customer communications landscape: –


Analytics for Segmentation and Personalization

Platforms go on and on about the availability of analytics, but without a crash course in email marketing, those reports mean nothing to the average small business owner. This is why investing in an email marketing agency is the more intelligent choice regarding analytics. The right email marketing agency will also help make sense of behavioral and cross-channel analytics and give you better personalization, segmentation, and targeting.


Email Marketing Automation

Another feature that can make your head spin is setting up automated email workflows. They work great, in theory, once you know how to manage your platform, segment your list, and know the right triggers to use. Too often, you don’t and can end up sending emails to the wrong person at the wrong time. The best thing you can do for your business is let the professionals handle this.


Easier Direct Response

Email marketing automation should give you that one-on-one personalized response once you set it up correctly. However, it is not always the ideal way to handle B2B clients. With progressive profiling, you can get personalized responses based on their actions and previously collected behavioral data, which is perfect for being ‘on the pulse’ of your industry.


Push Omnichannel Marketing Capabilities

Email is adaptable, and there is a myriad of ways in which it can be utilized in an omnichannel marketing strategy. From mobile-optimized emails to programmatic display ads, emails can be paired with various content marketing and digital marketing strategies. 


Take the Guesswork out of A/B Testing

Much like analytics, A/B testing availability on a platform is only more time-consuming work for you. By partnering with an email marketing agency or provider, there will be a limited need for extensive A/B testing. Saving you the crucial time and money you’ll need to run your business and get ahead of the competition.


Data Validation and Hygiene

Not everyone you sign up with is supposed to be there, and not everyone on your list is exactly who they say they are. Mistakes happen, and fake email addresses and names are common. Data validation ensures your email list gives you value for your marketing efforts. It should be an available service from your email marketing provider.


Lead Scoring

For any email list to be of value, there must be buyers. Lead scoring helps you identify those buyers and how much they may be worth to your business for a lifetime. This is one service you need an email marketing provider for. (DIY at your own risk)


Customized Content and Layout

Do your customers prefer dark mode? Then get an email marketing provider to create content that works in an unclear way. Get customized design layouts that are mobile-friendly and responsive for your next email marketing campaign.


Avoid Spam Folders

Email marketing is permissions based due to marketing ethics and spam laws. Therefore, any email marketing provider that focuses on double opt-in techniques and uses email authentication and filtering methods to verify email addresses will keep your business from spam folders.   


Maximum Performance Within Budget

You need value for your money. You usually have to do more and spend more to get more from an email marketing platform. In contrast, email marketing providers can give you maximum email performance (and you do less) for your budget.



The main reasons behind email’s longevity are its versatility and ownership. The versatility of email allows email marketing agencies to utilize the tool in various ways to adapt to almost every digital marketing campaign. And because you own your email list, you need to ensure those on your email list stay and continue to support your business for a long time. 


Try Our Email Marketing Services

Email marketing providers have improved the way businesses communicate with their customers by providing them with various email marketing services at a cost that is cheaper than many digital marketing methods. And with companies like FrescoData leading the way with innovative email marketing software and services, starting your list and the first email marketing campaign will soon be more accessible than ever. This evolution in the email marketing landscape has led to greater customer engagement, higher conversion rates, and lower costs per acquisition.

We provide a suite of better email marketing services than any platform, and you don’t have to build and manage your campaigns yourself. By leveraging the power of data and artificial intelligence, we can deliver the highest-quality email campaigns in any industry. We have even partnered with Salesforce to revolutionize their email marketing campaigns.

Due to our omnichannel marketing experience and data-driven marketing foundation, we can provide a higher level of customization when designing, creating content, and targeting your email campaigns. You can have a personalized email marketing campaign to fit your brand and your target audience instead of relying on generic templates to generate high-quality engagement. Regarding B2B email lists, FrescoData is the industry leader, providing you with access to key decision-makers and not just generic company email lists. 

Through our data enhancement services, get your email lists clean and optimize with lead scoring. From design layout to content strategy, we work with you to provide your business with the ultimate email marketing solution. Talk to one of our experts today.



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