Automotive Case Study

Automotive Case Study


Nordson EFD, a distinguished subsidiary of Nordson Corporation, stands at the forefront of precision fluid dispensing systems, specializing in cutting-edge solutions for adhesives, coatings, sealants, biomaterials, and a diverse range of test and inspection products.

Renowned globally, Nordson EFD has been instrumental in empowering companies to elevate their productivity, enhance product quality, and streamline production costs through its innovative dispensing systems.

As a trailblazer in the industry, Nordson EFD extends its expertise as a leading formulator of speciality solder pastes tailored for dispensing and printing applications within the electronics sector.

With a rich legacy from its inception in 1954, Nordson Corporation is headquartered in Westlake, Ohio. It boasts a robust global presence with operations and support offices spanning 30 countries.

The company’s commitment to excellence and technological advancements continues to shape the landscape of precision fluid dispensing, making Nordson EFD a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.


Nordson strategically aligns its focus on the dynamic landscape of the Global Automotive Industry. Periodically, the company compiles a curated list of automotive manufacturers and retailers, utilizing this comprehensive roster to market its cutting-edge products strategically. Nordson’s targeted approach involves tailoring briefs specifically to regions, effectively engaging with automotive manufacturers and retailers to enhance marketing strategies and foster more nuanced business approaches.


For a company like Nordson EFD, which had tapped most major automobile industry players, FrescoData had to devise innovative plans to carry out the sourcing. The strategy aimed to build relationships with new prospects, increase their valuable engagement score, and establish higher conversion and sales rates to make its campaign successful.

FrescoData utilized its extensive experience in the automotive industry to source a customized list tailored to Nordson EFD’s specifications. It contained CEOs, Expats and Top Business decision-makers from FrescoData’s 38 million business contacts database. It covered companies that utilized fluid dispensing systems, adhesives, coatings, sealants, biomaterials, and other inspection materials to produce various types of equipment. The list also provided integrated firmographics, including company size, revenue and employee strength. Apart from basic firmographics, it included demographics from the region where the index was sourced.

This list was then provided to Nordson EFD upon completing a verification process by Frescodata’s QC team. The list guaranteed 95% deliverability and a compelling customer value proposition on integration with Nordson EFD’s marketing campaign.

Due to Nordson EFD’s accessibility to campaign analytics, both teams could track campaign performance and receive reports on open and click-through rates. They didn’t anticipate the campaign results to be great since it was challenging to source newer clients for a company with a universal presence in the Automotive Industry.


Using data-driven lists from FrescoData, Nordson EFD conducted a strategically planned marketing campaign to approach its target audience – top executives from the automotive industry. The marketing campaign was highly successful!

Nordson EFD and FrescoData have planned additional strategies together to target executives from the automotive industry in other countries.


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