Construction Case Study: Orange Cactus Project


Orange Cactus Project provides one-stop marketing solutions for all kinds of promotions and essentials for a cutting-edge marketing campaign. The company offers branding solutions for clients that include: Canon, Samsung, and Daimler Chrysler. Orange Cactus Project provides expert solutions in creative conceptualization, print design, website design, copywriting, photography and video products, and CRM and customized software solutions.


Orange Cactus Project’s brief was to provide a customized marketing solution for one of the world’s major Construction Equipment manufacturers. It’s preferred target was Senior Management Executives and it wanted an innovative approach. Orange Cactus Project wanted to approach a niche industry segment using the best marketing practices.


When Orange Cactus Project approached us, our first goal was to understand their principles and business model.

The industry in which Orange Cactus Project was looking for regional data has a growth rate of almost 5% every year with a value of over $16.6 billion by the end of 2011. It suggested that they would be able to access data for a highly segmented (and targeted market sector that had achieved an exponential growth rate in the last decade.

After an initial brief with Orange Cactus Project, we ran through multiple tests to source the best regional data for their client looking for unique marketing solutions. The results were quite useful with better segmentation options due to the high rate of growth not only in the industry but also in the region our client was targeting.

The marketing campaign was designed specifically to create a strong brand impression on the targeted audience as well as to encourage productive communication between client and its audience.

Using gathered statistics from past experience, the campaign was set to hit at an ideal time that would help Orange Cactus Project receive optimum response. We provided marketing campaign analytics enabling them to track the performance of the campaign, as well as receive reports on bounce rate, open rates and click-through rates.

The project helped FrescoData receive very useful insights into the construction industry, particularly for the geographic region Orange Cactus Project was targeting.


Orange Cactus Project’s team made optimum use of data sourced from FrescoData’s database of Senior Marketing Executives from the construction industry. The marketing campaign produced exceptional conversions for the company, building a very strong relationship between them and their targeted audience. Currently FrescoData is looking to work on launching Orange Cactus Project’s marketing campaigns in other countries.