Banking & Financial Services case Study: Ausvance


Founded in 2008, AUSvance is a pioneer in the SME market to create alternatives to traditional bank loans and has become one of the fastest growing companies for SMEs in Australia.

Focused on supporting the SME market by aiding them where banks have not, AUSvance’s business loans and MCA’s come with a credit line of up to $25 million with a 95 percent approval rate.


AUSvance’s brief was to fund solutions to growing retail consumer-focused businesses in Australia. This would facilitate a more tailored and suitable marketing approach towards businesses like restaurants, pubs, café’s, bars, retail stores and other hard-line retailers. AUSvance wanted to grow its business by expanding its reach to the Australian retail companies in need for funds.


One of our main focuses while designing solutions for AUSvance was to not only make it influential among emergent retail consumer businesses looking for financing services, but also to convert those marketing solutions into successful lead generating elements.

After an initial brief, our team of data experts teamed with AUSvance and took up the challenge of devising flows of actions aimed at increasing engagement, conversion and sales. It included small-medium retail businesses taking their first loan to support growth plans, cash flow, financing to back expansion plans, consolidating business debts as well as funds to buy inventory.

In order to make sure that the message sent out matched AUSvance’s target audience profile, our team of Strategic Marketing experts utilized components of AUSvance’s marketing objectives –proper style, keywords and content for its subject and message. It was done with the aim to not only create a holistic experience for businesses looking for finance solutions but also to boost communication between AUSvance and its prospective clients. Using statistically gathered information we recommended that the email campaign was sent out at the best time to produce the highest responses from AUSvance’s targeted market.

Accessibility to AUSvance’s marketing campaign analytics enabled us to track campaign performance and receive real reports on bounce rate, open rates, and click-through rates. Those insights were valuable for both AUSvance and FrescoData.


AUSvance’s team used FrescoData insights on marketing campaign and made best use of it to approach its targeted audience. The marketing campaign conducted by FrescoData yielded exceptional results – received overwhelming response from business owners, and reduced cost and operational efficiencies for AUSvance. Ultimately, it enabled AUSvance to make optimum usage through the effectiveness of niche targeted marketing campaign solutions. Responses from businesses looking for financial solutions requirements surpassed expectations. FrescoData ran multiple campaigns for AUSvance’s after the success of the initial one.