Metals & Mining Case Study: KennaMetal


Founded in 1938, Kennametal is a leading supplier of tools and industry solutions. Headquartered in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, the company serves clients in more than 60 countries and is a global market leader in tooling for the mining and highway construction industries. Kennametal’s major product line specializes in catering to the energy industry and has over 14,000 employees with annual sales of approximately $3 billion.


Kennametal’s conventional audience has been the same for many years. Kennametal’s brief was to reach an audience in new target regions. The company wanted a better understanding of the needs and patterns of its audience before targeting them. This would enable them to tailor their marketing approach. However, Kennametal faced one major challenge. How would it reach its audience where the medium of electronic mailing wasn’t fully developed?


After an initial brief with Kennametal in order to understand their goals and objectives, FrescoData quickly realized the challenges it would meet during the project. What Kennametal’s marketing strategy needed was a lot more than applying conventional approaches. It required abandoning traditional and popular strategies something new.

FrescoData teamed up with Kennametal to identify the best prospects from Fresco’s extensive global database. An detailed report was presented outlining ways to reach the audience. The business list contained direct emails, contact details and firmographicss of Senior Management and C-level contacts of corporate and SME’s from various countries. The list covered top contacts from various departments including: HR, IT, Finance, Operations, Products, Support etc.

A series of tests were done to overcome the challenges posed by emails not being the direct mode of communication in the targeted industries which Kennametal needed to reach. Upon completion of the trial process, a business list was further refined.

Utilizing FrescoData list of business contacts, an integrated email broadcast was done in conjunction with a direct marketing mail campaign. Campaign engagement score, deliverability and ROI were measured during the process by FrescoData.


Considering the fact that electronic mailing wasn’t popular in the targeted industry, the offline and online marketing campaign exceeded expectations. The whole experience turned out to be a fruitful experience. Kennametal was happy with the outcome of the campaign, which yielded increased interest from industry leaders. Feedback from businesses was excellent and opened up new areas for Kennametal.

FrescoData has been pro-actively providing lists to Kennametal targeting newer regions and industries. It is proud to be a marketing partner to a company that not only challenges FrescoData to utilize innovative approaches but also to break previously set marketing notions and create new approaches.