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Energy Case Study: Terrapinn


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Terrapinn is a global leader in B2B events and is best known for its trade exhibitions, conferences, training solutions, and electronic and print publications. Over 25 years, it has built a reputation as the hub of the global business community, with an extensive portfolio of successful conferences and exhibitions. With offices in London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, and Johannesburg and over 25 years of experience, Terrapinn is a leading force in Trade Exhibitions and Industry Training.


Terrapin was in a hiring mode and wanted to reach business executives in the Middle East for a recruitment drive. They required a marketing exercise to augment their brand awareness, particularly in the Energy sector, and increase the number of applications for employment opportunities for a particular role – Handling International Promotional Events across its varied locations.


Terrapinn wanted to set up and execute email campaigns for its recruitment drive while minimizing cost, effort, and time. One of its main focuses was to leverage talent from the Middle East. Terrapinn teamed with us to devise targeted email campaigns for Executives from our global B2B database.

We offered an accurate list of verified active B2B leads segmented by job roles, covering a range of profiles and various industry sectors, ensuring that the emails would not be identified as spam and end up in the junk folder.

The Middle East is one of the fastest-growing markets for international events, with 1800 association meetings alone over the last few years. FrescoData was able to source close to 30,000 high-quality professionals and decision-makers. The list was subjected to data validation by our team– ensuring the highest standards to ensure the time and efforts behind the campaign would yield maximum ROI. Terrapinn integrated these emails with a brand awareness campaign.


The recruitment drive campaign had a higher than-anticipated delivery, open, and click-through rate. Since the execution of the first campaign using FrescoData’s email list, Terrapinn has partnered with FrescoData to target numerous regions for various events, recruitment drives, and other campaigns across industries.


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