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Healthcare Case Study: Real Asset Management

real asset management case study

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Real Asset Management (RAM) is a leading provider of fixed asset management solutions for various industry sectors. RAM provides fixed asset accounting, maintenance management, and asset tracking solutions for commercial, government, non-profit, military, and healthcare organizations, ensuring compliance with corporate and government regulations. RAM’s Series4000 solution incorporates virtually every aspect of fixed asset management with comprehensive modules.


RAM’s asset management solutions are an integrated system that covers the requirements of the Finance, IT, and Facilities departments, tracking assets from the database, improving its accuracy, and minimizing time spent while increasing productivity. RAM wanted to execute a targeted email marketing campaign to promote their asset management solution programs designed for the Healthcare Industry by contacting specific department heads, particularly Senior Management titles from all over North America.


To assist RAM in executing its targeted email marketing campaign, we meticulously curated a comprehensive list of Senior Management contacts within the healthcare industry across North America. Our team employed advanced data analytics and market research techniques to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the contact information, guaranteeing that their messages reached the right decision-makers.

Additionally, we worked closely with them to craft compelling and personalized content for their email campaign, tailoring the messaging to address healthcare organizations’ unique needs and challenges. Our strategic approach increased the campaign’s efficacy and fostered a positive response from the targeted audience.


Through our collaborative efforts, RAM established meaningful connections with key stakeholders, effectively showcasing the value proposition of their asset management solutions tailored for the healthcare sector. The email campaign gained active social media exposure, generating excellent leads and bringing new business and clients to RAM.


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