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Telecommunications Case Study: Analysys Mason


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Analysys Mason has a global reputation for providing unique and specialist knowledge on issues related to the telecom, media and technology (TMT) sector. It has a solid client base in over 100 countries. It has worked with organizations ranging from the BBC to the Spanish Lottery, an Indian Division of a Fortune 50 technology business and the Jamaican Ministry of Defense.


Analysys Mason’s client range covered operators, regulators and policymakers in the telecom industry, major internet and media players, satellite and cable companies, and government agencies. They approached FrescoData to seek assistance in targeting the telecom sector in specific geographic areas. They wanted to understand the target companies by segmenting them into different customer groups to develop a more suitable and specific marketing approach.


When Analysys Mason approached FrescoData, a series of goal-oriented meetings were set up to understand Fresco’s role while sourcing the required data. They mainly wanted to target telecom companies in developing countries. The main focus was to source telecom companies from developing countries with precise detailing of firmographics and other pre-selects so they could contact them using personalized marketing campaigns.

According to the International Telecommunications Union, developing countries have experienced the most dynamic growth in the industry in recent times. Regarding revenue, 9 of the top 20 telecommunications marketing companies were in developing countries, with the number increasing by the end of 2018. It suggested that they could easily use data from our segmented database of various pre-selects.

A list was compiled to analyze company growth, revenue, and other identifiable characteristics to create the best marketing strategy. The list was then validated by our marketing and validation team to ensure that it had the best chance of a high ROI.


Analysys Mason achieved a successful engagement score with its prospective clients. Due to the developing nature of the market, the company was able to reduce its costs and improve its operational efficiency.


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