Human Resources Case Study: Halogen Software


Halogen Software is a pioneer in native cloud-based talent management systems used by 1,750 customers worldwide from Technology, Services, Healthcare, Education & Government, Financial Services, Professional Services and Manufacturing. Recipient of some of the most prestigious Ottawa Business awards for categories such as Company of the Year, Financial Deal of the Year and CEO of the Year, Halogen Software is recognized as a hallmark of excellent business leadership.


80% of Halogen Software customers deploy Halogen talent management software, through Software as a Service (Saas) business model. Halogen Software wanted to reach companies which had been already tapped by its competitors applying a similar model but less evolved. They approached FrescoData with the requirement of identifying the specific IT decision makers at top companies in a given region.


With the Talent Management Software market growing at a CAGR rate of 17.59 percent from 2013-2018 Halogen Software needed a competitive advantage to stand out in the industry.
It meant targeting companies which rely on such software due to a budget and time constraint for IT Departments but need evolved upgraded software.

Following an initial briefing with Halogen Software, FrescoData devised a plan to fulfill their goal of providing a list of IT decision makers from the geography that Halogen was intending to target. Using 100% opt-in methods of sourcing in compliance with CAN-SPAM Act, a list was sourced. The customized list comprised of Top Industry Leaders and Professionals based on the precise targeting defined by Halogen Software. The list also contained details of segmentation for Halogen Software based on selects such as region, department, employee strength, company turnover, annual spend and other details.

The business contacts within the list contained direct email and contact details of those corporate professionals. It covered targets from an array of sectors including: Automotive, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Retail, Information Technology, Hospitality, Transportation.

Halogen Software intended to reach companies which had been tapped by its competitors. It meant the list had to be far more effective with regards to customer prospecting, interaction, lead generation as well as software marketing. Using FrescoData’s most advanced tools for enhancement and verification, the list was provided to Halogen Software promising 95% deliverability!



FrescoData’s Strategic Marketing team got involved to help them achieve a higher response rate and designed a strategy utilizing scoring keywords, time and date for the email blast. The result produced an open rate 5% higher than expected.