Hospitality Case Study: RAK Porcelain


RAK porcelain founded in 1991, is a part of RAK Ceramics Group. The company boasts an annual production capacity of 15 million pieces of porcelain designed specifically for the hotel industry. All of its products are introduced with the aim of offering the hospitality industry the highest quality porcelain.


RAK porcelain was recommended by a major media house at an event in Italy. RAK porcelain approached FrescoData with a very simple yet unusual requirement for their future marketing campaign– to obtain a list of executives from an entirely world region they had never approached before in a language they had never done business in. FrescoData took up the challenge, keeping in mind the fact that procuring an accurate and responsive list of decision makers from specific departments especially within the Hospitality sector, would be a unique challenge!


RAK porcelain required not only an email list of top decision makers but also a well-segmented list covering various departments within the industry. Most importantly, RAK Porcelain wanted to conduct concurrent telemarketing and direct mail marketing campaigns.

Tapping into local legitimate opt-in data resources, a targeted database which selects by job role, email address and other secondary and primary contact details as well as firmographics, was compiled for the marketing campaign.

This list required a very rigorous verification procedure so was done individually by human verifiers rather than an automated process. This would ensure a maximum delivery rate, click-through rate, as well as conversion rates for RAK.


Just being able to identify and compile the hospitality email marketing list was seen as an achievement in itself. The telemarketing and direct mail campaign helped them create a very lasting interaction with the targeted audience. It further helped them nurture a lifelong relationship with their prospective clients while improving their competitive advantage. FrescoData is glad to have taken such an unusual challenge and is certain that the next project from RAK will be even more exciting and challenging!