Thailand Mailing Lists and Email Lists

Thailand Email Address List

Thailand Total Contacts

Contacts by Job Roles

With Emails: 479,688
With Postal & Phones: 460,286

Contacts by Industries

With Emails: 673,119
With Postal & Phones: 616,465

Since Thailand is a newly industrialized and export-dependent country, digital marketing campaigns can be quite fruitful if done by reaching out to the right target market.

The country has a multi-sector industry presence, such as automobiles, financial services, manufacturing, engineering services, food and drink, healthcare, retail, services, supply chain, technology and hospitality.

As a result, carrying out an effective B2B marketing campaign can turn out to be high yielding using the most comprehensive and niche executives email list.

All the Thailand email lists on FrescoData’s databases are opt-in and legally comply with each country’s marketing regulations.

The infographic below shows the percentage split of the Job Roles in our Thailand address lists:
Thailand Email Address List Segmentation by Job Roles

Segmentation of Thailand contacts by Job Roles:

Job Roles Email Phone & Direct Mail
Engineering 24,341 30,231
Finance 51,701 50,959
HR 21,227 21,152
IT 33,613 32,728
Legal 23,345 23,254
Marketing 62,939 60,002
Media & Communication 14,986 12,308
Operations 34,595 35,005
Product Management 25,355 23,326
Program & Project Management 31,050 29,128
Purchasing 34,714 33,759
Quality Assurance 25,796 25,085
Research 21,178 19,330
Sales/Business Development 46,196 43,777
Senior Management 28,652 20,242
Total 479,688 460,286

The infographic below shows the percentage split of the Industries in our Thailand lists:
Thailand Email Address List Segmentation by Industries

Segmentation of Thailand contacts by Industries:

Industries Email Phone & Direct Mail
Business Services 33,152 25,200
Automotive 14,921 12,570
Banking + Financial Services 42,609 36,861
Media & Publishing 21,277 17,867
Information Technology 36,912 38,270
Construction 22,565 20,189
Consumer Goods & Services 46,053 44,920
Manufacturing 46,218 43,938
Government 11,150 9,860
Education 21,801 11,688
Healthcare 31,637 34,145
Hospitality & Travel 23,290 25,480
Human Resources 18,736 13,915
Industrial Automation 15,500 12,194
Insurance 9,908 5,174
Investment Banking & Venture Capital 9,791 4,320
Law Practice + Legal Services 8,449 4,743
Supply Chain & Logistics 13,136 9,753
Marketing & Advertising 41,934 42,662
Mining & Metals 12,458 11,885
Nonprofit Organization Management 9,369 3,429
Oil & Energy + Renewables & Environment + Utilities 22,114 17,628
Pharmaceuticals 32,835 33,907
Public Relations & Communications 21,415 22,307
Real Estate 31,075 29,310
Research 17,801 16,579
Retail 23,390 23,287
Telecommunications + Wireless 13,141 9,793
Warehousing 8,193 7,679
Wholesale 24,735 23,912
Total 673,119 616,465

Data Compliance in Thailand

Thailand does not have a comprehensive statutory framework specifically dedicated to data protection or privacy. Nevertheless, the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand recognizes the importance of safeguarding privacy rights. The collection, processing, and use of personal email data are permissible with the consent of the data owner, preferably obtained in written form.

Thailand email list and mailing list have the following features:

  • Our email list is divided into three categories: regions, industries, and job functions.
  • Our entire mailing list file of top business executives is guaranteed to be accurate and has been verified by our internal data analysis team.
  • Our Thailand email address lists are updated semi-annually, conforming to all requirements set by the Direct Marketing Association and complying with CAN-SPAM.
  • The email list of executives by FrescoData is offered at a minimum order value of $5,000; however, there are several levels of volume discounts.
  • Our Thailand email database is available for one-time rental at a lower price or can be licensed for multiple use or multiple-year usage.
  • Clients who want to rent a business email database from Thailand get an opportunity to conduct an email campaign at a low cost. After the client has rented our list, an email blast is sent out, after which we notify our clients with statistics related to the number of emails sent, people who opened their emails, and the links in the email.

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