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United Kingdom (UK) Email Address List & Mailing Lists

Elevate your outreach in the UK with our comprehensive B2B and B2C UK Email Address List. Unlock precision targeting and connect with key decision-makers to maximize your marketing impact.

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UK Email Address List

Explore unparalleled opportunities in the dynamic UK market with our meticulously curated United Kingdom Email Address List. Tailored for both B2B and B2C needs, our comprehensive database ensures precise targeting, connecting you with key decision-makers and potential customers across various industries. Stay compliant with UK data protection regulations and elevate your marketing efforts by accessing accurate and up-to-date email addresses. Whether expanding your business or launching targeted campaigns, our UK Email Address List is your gateway to success in this influential market.


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UK Total Contacts

Contacts by Job Roles
With Emails: 1,313,238
With Postal & Phones: 1,061,927
Contacts by Industries
With Emails: 1,683,099
With Postal & Phones: 1,508,012

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Job Roles Email Phone & Direct Mail
Engineering 96,398 83,167
Finance 108,939 96,531
HR 109,880 88,210
IT 102,693 82,470
Legal 82,090 63,453
Marketing 107,793 94,432
Media & Communication 84,627 73,592
Operations 70,598 52,640
Product Management 66,192 46,662
Program & Project Management 52,530 39,665
Purchasing 88,697 62,759
Quality Assurance 83,379 66,210
Research 74,419 53,449
Sales/Business Development 104,598 96,649
Senior Management 80,405 62,038
Total 1,313,238 1,061,927

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Segmentation of United Kingdom (UK) contacts by Industries

Industries Email Phone & Direct Mail
Business Services 71,398 62,022
Automotive 64,140 58,419
Banking + Financial Services 75,489 70,992
Media & Publishing 57,728 49,499
Information Technology 58,631 52,280
Construction 79,392 65,376
Consumer Goods & Services 70,028 70,671
Manufacturing 76,210 75,607
Government 42,050 35,509
Education 65,683 57,572
Healthcare 71,219 64,279
Hospitality & Travel 77,423 71,004
Human Resources 72,385 72,608
Industrial Automation 51,937 43,411
Insurance 48,078 39,514
Investment Banking & Venture Capital 44,048 35,472
Law Practice + Legal Services 29,772 28,803
Supply Chain & Logistics 29,732 24,124
Marketing & Advertising 92,590 89,370
Mining & Metals 42,341 39,281
Nonprofit Organization Management 35,389 30,882
Oil & Energy + Renewables & Environment + Utilities 42,650 39,886
Pharmaceuticals 62,535 52,970
Public Relations & Communications 48,301 39,868
Real Estate 70,464 67,199
Research 36,422 32,077
Retail 68,895 61,477
Telecommunications + Wireless 21,527 16,423
Warehousing 32,118 26,926
Wholesale 44,524 34,491
Total 1,683,099 1,508,012

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What type of Data do you provide?

Our email list is divided into regions, industries, and job functions. Regional email can help businesses target consumers or businesses in specific areas. UK email list broken down by sector helps optimize your advertising efforts. If you’re marketing to a niche buyer, our email lists filtered by job function can be beneficial.

Why Should I Use FrescoData?

We provide an ethically-sourced and robust database of over 1 Billion unique email addresses. Our B2B and B2C data list covers over 60+ countries, including APAC and EMEA, with the most sought-after industries including Automotive, Banking and financial services, Manufacturing, Technology, and Telecommunications.

How long does it take to receive my data?

It takes several days to compile your data once we receive your request.

How accurate is the UK email list you provide?

Our data standards are incredibly high. We pride ourselves on providing accurate business data & you can request sample data to check the accuracy.

How often is the information in your UK email lists updated?

Our UK email lists and mailing lists are updated semi-annually, conforming to all requirements set by the Direct Marketing Association and complying with CAN-SPAM.

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Data Compliance in United Kingdom

As a former member of the European Union, the United Kingdom implemented the EU Data Protection Directive through the Data Protection Act 1998. According to this legislation, obtaining written consent from the data subject is a requirement, and failure to comply may result in fines of up to GBP£5,000.

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FrescoData’s UK mailing and email lists have the following features:

  • The email marketing lists are divided according to job roles, regions and industries.
  • The B2B mailing lists UK can either be bought or rented if you want FrescoData to help you with your Email blasts.
  • FrescoData entertains orders of more than $2,000 and gives great discounts on larger quantity to regular clients.
  • The accuracy of our UK email lists is ensured by our in-house analyst team of data experts.
  • The executives in our UK mailing lists are senior managers belonging to the fields of technology, construction, engineering, retail, finance, energy, food and drink, healthcare, hospitality and supply chain.
  • The executives listed in the mailing list are available to receive a variety of offers such as, B2B Marketing, B2B services, Networking products, Communication products, financial products and others.

What makes us different

If you are trying to reach C-level executives in Australia, then you should start with high quality Australian email lists. With FrescoData, you get the latest information for the people you need to talk to. FrescoData will help you build valuable B2B email lists. We will provide you with an accurate business database that you can use to create effective marketing campaigns and get real results.

Extremely High Deliverability

Our email databases are legally compiled according to each country’s marketing regulations. Our channels ensure consistent returns on your marketing investment for a lifetime.

We're Fast

We’ve pushed email marketing to its limits; However, we continue to refine our email marketing services to ensure that you get the highest returns on your investment.

Emails, Phone Numbers and More

We provide comprehensive data from UK to help you make valuable business connections. Our information includes: emails, names, phone numbers, postal address, company/industry information, business titles, fax numbers, revenue, and more.


Lets strategize your target audience market needs with us. Grow your business revenue with our complete marketing solutions.

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