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Sweden Email List & Mailing List

We offer verified & opt-in Sweden email lists & mailing lists of consumers in Sweden for B2B & B2C businesses with crucial data attributes of their target audience.

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Sweden Email List

Total Contacts: 1,290,000

Contacts by Job Roles

With Emails: 1,327,400
With Postal & Phones: 1,153,700

Contacts by Industries

With Emails: 1,588,072
With Postal & Phones: 1,487,670 Sweden Email List | FrescoData

Segmentation of Sweden Contacts by Job Role

The infographic below shows the percentage split of the Job Roles in our Sweden Email Address List:

Job Roles Email Phone & Direct Mail
Engineering 70,000 66,000
Finance 80,000 77,000
HR 90,000 88,000
IT 1,00,000 70,800
Legal 40,400 39,900
Marketing 1,20,000 1,00,000
Media & Communication 60,000 26,000
Operations 70,000 37,000
Product Management 59,000 49,000
Program & Project Management 68,000 55,000
Purchasing 70,000 69,000
Quality Assurance 80,000 76,000
Real Estate 90,000 50,000
Research 100000 1,00,000
Sales/Business Development 1,10,000 1,50,000
Senior Management 1,20,000 1,00,000
Total 13,27,400 1,153,700

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Segmentation of Sweden Contacts by Industry:

The infographic below shows the percentage split of the Industries in our Sweden Email List:


Industry Email Phone &
Direct Mail
Business Services 68,000 66,000
Automotive 65,400 77,250
Banking & Financial Services 36,000 63,500
Media & Publishing 40,400 35,800
Information Technology 85,000 39,900
Construction 60,000 83,320
Consumer Goods & Services 70,000 56,000
Manufacturing 59,000 67,000
Government 68,000 55,800
Education 70,000 63,700
Healthcare 80,000 69,000
Hospitality & Travel 90,000 76,900
Human Resources 66,000 50,000
Industrial Automation 79,900 61,900
Insurance 55,200 78,000
Investment Banking & Venture Capital 78,090 54,300
Law Practice & Legal Services 54,370 77,500
Supply Chain & Logistics 22,300 53,220
Marketing & Advertising 21,320 22,150
Mining & Metals 88,480 20,000
Nonprofit Organization Management 62,100 86,420
Oil & Energy & Renewables & Environment & Utilities 12,400 60,900
Pharmaceuticals 11,810 9,800
Public Relations & Communications 14,980 9,900
Real Estate 9,800 12,360
Research 15,121 8,900
Retail 32,890 14,980
Telecommunications & Wireless 71,813 31,500
Warehousing 19,898 71,790
Wholesale 79,800 19,780

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What Type of Data Do You Provide?

Our Sweden Email List is divided into three categories: regions, industries and job functions. Regional email can help businesses target consumers or businesses in specific areas. Sweden Email List, broken down by industry, help optimize your advertising efforts. If you’re marketing to a niche buyer, then our email lists filtered by job function can be incredibly helpful.

Why Should I use FrescoData?

Ethically-sourced and robust database of over 1 Billion+ unique email addresses

Our B2B and B2C data list covers over 60+ countries including APAC and EMEA with most sought after industries including Automotive, Banking & Financial services, Manufacturing, Technology, Telecommunications.

How long does it take to receive my data?

In general, once we’ve received your request for data, it takes several days to first compile your specific data and you’ll receive the data within several days of your initial order.

How accurate is your Sweden Email Database?

Our data standards are extremely high. We pride ourselves on providing 95% accurate business data.

How does mail work in Sweden?

Mail services in Sweden are efficient, reliable, and well-organized, making it easy for both residents and businesses to send and receive mail. Here’s how mail works in Sweden:

Postal Service Provider

The main postal service provider in Sweden is PostNord, which is a joint venture between Sweden and Denmark. PostNord handles the majority of postal deliveries within Sweden. It also offers express and international mail services. Express services provide faster delivery times, while international mail is handled according to international postal agreements. In addition to letters and documents, PostNord handles parcel delivery. They provide tracking options for parcels, making it convenient for recipients to monitor the progress of their shipments. It also offers online services that allow people to track parcels, purchase postage, and access various postal services from the comfort of their home or office.


In urban areas, you’ll find mailboxes on street corners, near apartment complexes, and in residential areas. Residents can drop off outgoing mail in these mailboxes for collection by postal workers.

How do I send mail to Sweden from the USA?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers various international mailing options, including First-Class Package International Service, Priority Mail International, and Priority Mail Express International. You can also use private courier services like FedEx, UPS, or DHL for expedited deliveries.

Popular Data Segments

C-Level Executives Email List
Decision Makers Email List
Professional Email List
Industries Executive Email List
Tech User Database
Healthcare Professionals Email List
Consumers Email List for E-commerce 

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Sweden Companies List with Email Address

Our verified Companies List with Email Address lets you:

  • Build Strategic Alliances: Forge strategic partnerships with businesses that align with your goals. With our meticulously curated list, you’ll have the tools to initiate meaningful collaborations.
  • Explore New Markets: Whether you’re a startup looking for investors or an established company seeking new markets, our Sweden Email List opens doors to diverse opportunities in Sweden.
  • Accelerate Sales: Reach out to potential clients and customers directly through email, increasing your chances of closing deals and growing your sales pipeline.
  • Boost Marketing Campaigns: Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by targeting the right audience. Our list helps you identify and reach your ideal customer segments in Sweden.
  • Stay Ahead of Competitors: Gain a competitive edge by accessing exclusive data that empowers you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of your industry peers.

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Customized Data Solution

In today’s data-driven world, every business is unique, and so are its data requirements. At FrescoData, we recognize that one-size-fits-all data solutions simply won’t cut it. 

That’s why we specialize in providing customized data solutions that align precisely with your business needs, helping you gain a competitive edge and make informed decisions. 

Whether you need market research, customer profiling, or industry-specific data, we ensure our services are driven by your objectives. 

We create custom data sets that precisely match your criteria, whether it’s geographical, demographic, behavioral, or any other segmentation that aligns with your business strategy.

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Features of our Sweden B2B Mailing Lists

  • The Business Executive lists are available to select by job roles, regions or industries.
  • FrescoData entertains orders of more than $5,000, and provides discounts to regular buyers.
  • The executives in our Sweden Email Address List are senior managers belonging to different industries such as technology, construction, engineering, retail, finance, energy, food and drink, healthcare, hospitality and supply chain.
  • The executives listed in the Sweden email database are available to receive a variety of offers, such as B2B Marketing, B2B services, Networking products, Communication products, financial products and others.
  • The contacts in our mailing lists work into various job functions as human resource and administration, marketing and sales, Information Technology, accounting and finance, supply chain and others.

What makes us different

If you are trying to reach C-level executives in Sweden, then you should start with high quality Sweden Email Address List. With FrescoData, you get the latest information for the people you need to talk to. FrescoData will help you build valuable B2B email lists. We will provide you with an accurate business database that you can use to create effective marketing campaigns and get real results.


Extremely High Deliverability

Our email databases are legally compiled according to each country’s marketing regulations. Our channels ensure consistent returns on your marketing investment for a lifetime.


We’re Fast

We’ve pushed email marketing to its limits; However, we continue to refine our email marketing services to ensure that you get the highest returns on your investment.


Emails, Phone Numbers and More

We provide comprehensive data to help you make valuable business connections. Our information includes: emails, names, phone numbers, postal address, company/industry information, business titles, fax numbers, revenue, and more.


Email Lists in 175+ Counties

Next Steps

To obtain your robust Sweden email list or mailing database, simply get in touch with our FrescoData experts. We’ll schedule a call to review your goals, and then our data scientists identify the right leads from our global master database using authentication and data expertise. Your business email list will cover important data fields, such as Full Name, Company, Revenue and Size, Field of Specialization, Email, Postal Address, and Direct Calling Number.

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